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Our Story

The dream: a fast and straightforward way to put together a bibliography. Since the dawn of time, students have sought to avoid the tedious, frustrating, confusing, time-consuming chore of composing a bibliography. Alas, the bibliography tools of yesterday were just that—tedious, frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming. And worse yet, some even required payment. Time wore on, the world cried out for a solution, and—

Bibliography Tools of Yesterday

GoBiblio heard the call. GoBiblio was made to stand in contrast to the status quo. We designed GoBiblio to be a bibliography tool that would bypass the confusing manuals, save precious time, and be free for everyone, everywhere.
In our secret labs, fueled by

we put together the bibliography website of your dreams. And we will not stop working.

The GoBiblio Laboratory

In an ideal world, there would be no obstacles to proper citation. GoBiblio is making that ideal world a reality. We are your crusaders, and we continue to develop GoBiblio to make it even more useful and accessible for everybody, everywhere.

Our Help page provides answers to some questions you may have. Feel free to Contact us with feedback or suggestions. And whatever you do, don't forget to get your tweet on!

Your Crusaders

Who We Are

Brent Franklin (cofounder) is a philosophy professor. His many years in the bibliographic trenches of the academy make him GoBiblio's resident expert on citation styles. He also handles the business end of things and polishes every edge of GoBiblio to keep it buffed and shiny for our users. Brent Franklin is fueled in part by iced coffee.

Gabriel Liwerant (cofounder) is a self-taught programmer and web designer. Ever since he was little, he's been fascinated with the idea of telling computers what to do; he's less amused when they try to turn the tables. Now he plumbs the cavernous depths of GoBiblio's backend code and... does it even really matter now what I say he does with the frontend? Gabriel Liwerant is fueled in part by sour candy.

And you. Tell us your story—serious or amusing—about why you use GoBiblio or how GoBiblio saved your life. We'll post some of the best stories right here on our site. You can also help us out by emailing us your feedback and suggestions for how to make GoBiblio work better for you. With our powers combined, we are Team GoBiblio.